Being Frugal In Decorating

When it comes to decorating my home with home décor and with other thrifty things that are picked up here and there we really can decorate in a simple or cheaper way. With my husband currently looking for another job there are not any finances to spend extra and the other day I decided I wanted to change the looks of my home some and spruce it up a but to look differently. I like older type looking decor for my home at times. When my father in law passed away in March, my mother in law was no longer going to be able to afford to keep living in the house her and my father in law lived in due to loss of income. She had these gorgeous sunflowers in her kitchen and I had ask where she had gotten them. Of course. my sister-in-law had gotten them from the dollar store and these were metal. She brought me I think it was four boxes of things she said she didn’t want because her apartment was too small. I immediately told my husband “she gave me her sunflowers” and this made me very happy on that day. We took the boxes and stored them in an extra bedroom here because with us having no income right now at this time I wasn’t in the mood on this day to do any type of redecorating and I also wanted to take some time to think about it as to where I wanted to hang things to redecorate. A couple of days later I awoke, had coffee and was completely in the mood to do some redecorating and this is where I ended up hanging them all along my kitchen wall right beside my refrigerator.

It took me forever to figure out how to hang these. There were two clips on the back of the larger sunflowers and I finally realized there were pin size holes in each sunflower. The smaller flowers and the beetle bug (so cute) I used thumb tacks and lightly stuck them in the wall. Here I have it, a newly decorated wall in my kitchen and it was free!

Next I wanted to change the look of my bathroom some and I had a wicker shelf that I wasn’t using and I had a smaller shelf but it wasn’t really doing much to my bathroom at the time. I wanted to add something that looked prettier and made my bathroom look more alive! I added a candle I had that smells wonderful. A lady here makes them locally and when I light one of these candles my entire house smells.

I had and older style ceramic pitcher that I wasn’t using for anything at the time and I took some ivy vines I had in a box, added these to it along with adding a couple of sunflowers. As you can see I have a thing for sunflowers! I added another candle from my mother-in-law (free again) then, I added a small basket with some wash cloths to be handy and placed magazines underneath the basket. I read everywhere! My husband was asking me the other night why I liked to read so much? I just love and enjoy reading!
These are just some of the simple ways I decorate at times and we don’t have extra finances for anything right now and it cheered up my mood and home! I would love to hear about cheap, thrifty and frugal ways that you choose to decorate in your home!
God bless and have a wonderful day!

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  1. Love simple ideas for decorating on a budget or for free. I know you both are in hard times but would love to hear more on how you will get by being clever and frugal. People need these stories. Lot’s of us make do with little incomes.

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