What you need to know about the new LG U Ultra projector screen

On Monday, LG announced its first OLED-based projector screen, the U Ultra, and it’s not really new.

The U Ultra has been available for several years, and LG has long been rumored to be working on a successor.

But it was just recently that LG announced a pair of new OLED screens, the G5 and U7, that could be the first OLED TVs to launch in the U.S. The G5’s screen is actually much larger than the G6’s and its display is made from three layers, with the glass covering two of them.

That’s a big improvement over the U7’s screen, which was made from one layer of Gorilla Glass, and its LCD screen is much more curved, with a smaller curved edge and less contrast.

The OLED panels also have much more contrast than the IPS panels on the U6 and U6 Plus, which means you’ll be able to see more detail in movies.

LG claims the U-Series OLED panels are 10 percent brighter and up to 75 percent brighter than the same panels in the LG G6.

LG has said it will offer up to 12 hours of battery life, though there’s no word on how much of that could potentially be due to the OLED panels.

LG also says it can display up to 4K video at 60 frames per second, though this is still a little more limited than the UU6’s 5K video capabilities.

LG says the U U Ultra is also waterproof up to 50 meters, which isn’t very much of an advantage when compared to other televisions.

But LG is making sure to mention that you’ll need to buy the UUltra in order to see the benefits.

The panel itself has been designed to fit into the top of the case, but it’s made of aluminum.

LG promises the Uultu is “slimmer and lighter than any other display on the market.”

LG says it’s able to create more detail and “enrich the images in movies and video by reducing glare and producing clearer, sharper images.”

LG also claims the screen will “enable users to view content without distracting the eyes or the eyes themselves.”

And it’s designed to be able “to make use of an entire screen to fully interact with the screen.”

The Uults OLED panels will also be available in a few colors: Black, Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, and Purple.

LG is also promising a special color: the “Gold” that comes with it.

LG plans to launch the UULTs in April, but there are some caveats.

The display will be limited to a single color (black) and a single pixel size.

The screen will only be available to LG customers in the United States.

The company is also aiming to release the UULes in two colors, and that’s not likely to happen until at least September.

But the fact that LG is still planning to launch a single OLED screen in the US means it’s likely to be an important part of the US TV market.