How to get Minecraft to work on your Mac

The latest version of Minecraft will now work on all Macs, thanks to the latest update to the Java runtime.

Minecraft is a massively multiplayer game that lets players build a world that’s both beautiful and dangerous.

While it’s easy to play for just about anyone, playing on a Mac can be a daunting task.

You have to know how to set up your game and manage your mods. 

If you’ve never tried a game that can run on your computer before, you might think you can just download the game to your machine and then start playing.

Not quite. 

“We’re pleased to announce that you will now be able to play Minecraft on all your Macs with the latest Java runtime,” said Mojang founder and CEO Jens Matthias in a blog post.

“In fact, it will now run on all of your Mac computers without a single install.”

It’s the first time Mojang has made the change, and it comes after the release of version 9.7.2, which added support for Macs running the latest version 4.6 of Java.

If you’ve ever tried to run the game on a Windows machine before, the problem is pretty simple.

You need to install Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 64-bit.

That’s it.

Mojang said it won’t support older versions of Java, but you can use a tool like Microsoft’s Windows 10 Runtime SDK to update to a newer version of the operating system.

This is a huge win for those of us who like to play on a computer and have a lot of RAM.

It also means that, unlike a Mac, you’ll be able run Minecraft on a PC.

This means you’ll also be able make more games. 

Mojang said the update also means Minecraft will work better with the new Mojang API, which lets you use existing Java code and add new features.

It will also allow you to use Minecraft’s own launcher for faster launch times and more efficient downloads.

If you’re interested in making your own game with the Java Runtime, Mojang’s API will let you create new Minecraft content from scratch.

It can even create Minecraft-style worlds and save it to your hard drive, letting you share them with other people.

This feature will allow you, for example, to create a game called Minecraft: The Adventure Map, and make sure it’s compatible with your hardware.