Why does the world hate Trump? ‘I don’t understand why’

The world hates Donald Trump, but it also hates the president.

It hates him because of his racism, sexism, misogyny and xenophobia, but most of all it hates his ignorance.

And it’s not just a hatred of Trump.

It’s a hatred that runs deeper than that.

Trump’s election was not an accident.

The world’s political leaders and pundits, the people who run the world, were all too happy to celebrate the election of the most ignorant man in history.

But the world didn’t just cheer Trump’s victory.

It applauded him.

Trump, who had never before held a major political office, was lauded as a genius who could make America great again.

He was lauded for his plan to deport 11 million people, which was a plan that would cost more than a trillion dollars in lost wages and jobs and lead to an even greater economic crisis in the United States.

In the wake of Trump’s win, the world cheered him and called him a champion.

The next day, the White House issued a statement that praised Trump as “the greatest leader of his generation.”

It’s no wonder.

Trump was an unknown quantity in the world of politics.

He’d never run for office before.

And he’d never won a general election before he became president.

The only way Trump could be a hero in the eyes of the world was if he could change the country’s mind on a number of important issues.

His policies and his rhetoric had little to do with American values.

They were a slap in the face to people of color, Muslims, women, LGBTQ people, immigrants, immigrants’ rights, the environment, the elderly, people with disabilities, and many other groups.

Trump didn’t even seem to care about the policies or his rhetoric.

Instead, he promised to repeal Obamacare and roll back a number on immigration laws that are widely regarded as major impediments to economic growth and social mobility.

Trump had no interest in changing the social status quo, and he didn’t care whether people voted for him or against him.

That’s because the majority of Americans were sick and tired of hearing him speak, and they knew that he was no different than other politicians they’ve come to know over the years.

Trump would never change the political status quo.

His agenda was the same as it was before he was elected president, and his presidency would continue to be shaped by it.

And now that Trump is president, his policies are not likely to change.

The White House said Trump’s presidency would focus on “stopping the tide of terror,” but Trump himself didn’t stop the tide.

He continued to push the narrative that radical Islamic terrorism was an inherent threat to the United Kingdom, and it was this narrative that was repeated by British Prime Minister David Cameron and others.

The idea that Trump and the U.K. could be at war with the Islamic State was also a major theme of his campaign.

Trump continued to insist that the country should focus on taking out the terrorist group. “

If you’re going to get rid of ISIS, you’ve got to get them out of Iraq,” Trump told a crowd in Wisconsin, a state that was home to large numbers of ISIS fighters and their families.

Trump continued to insist that the country should focus on taking out the terrorist group.

The fact is, ISIS and other groups like it are not a threat to our security or to the world at large.

ISIS was born and is thriving in a vacuum, in the aftermath of a war that has not been fought, and ISIS has no intention of giving up its fight to establish a caliphate in the Middle East.

And as the head of the U, Trump had an obligation to protect America from ISIS, and in his final days as president he failed to do so.

Trump promised to keep the U., but he didn, which means he’s been in a perpetual state of war for more than eight years.

In his first months in office, Trump was repeatedly accused of making mistakes and of having no clear vision for the U’s future.

His administration has spent years fighting wars in the name of fighting terrorism and defeating ISIS.

It has spent the past two years fighting against the opioid crisis that Trump claimed was an “epidemic” and then a “war on drugs.”

It has been accused of having little regard for the safety of Americans and the environment.

In fact, Trump has made it clear that he will not honor his campaign promises on climate change, immigration, or any other major issues that the public has come to expect from the Trump administration.

Trump has also promised to take the U in a new direction.

He promised that the administration would focus not on “winning the war on terrorism,” but on “making America great.”

But the U will not be great.

Trump won the presidency in part by promising to undo the accomplishments of Barack Obama.

But by repealing the Affordable Care Act, repealing the