How to Make Google Material Design in Xcode 10

Microsoft is planning to bring Material Design to its Windows Phone platform in the next few months, according to a new report.

The news comes from TechCrunch, which claims Microsoft will use Xcode to create Material Design apps for both iOS and Android, and will then push the apps to the Windows Store.

Material Design is a popular, highly customizable interface that can be used to build the UI of an app.

It can be applied to a website, an app, a document, or even an image.

It’s used by developers to quickly create designs that can then be used in other apps, which can then display them on a mobile device.

Microsoft has a Material Design app for the Xbox One that users can use to create a design, and its upcoming Windows 10 phones will use Material Design as well.

Material design has been a major part of Microsoft’s design philosophy since the company started making hardware like Surface and HoloLens in 2015.

Microsoft started with a basic UI for the Surface Pro 4 in 2013 and later expanded that to include more features like Material Design, a more vibrant UI, and a unified UI.

Microsoft is not the first company to bring its Material design to the mobile platform, however.

The iPhone and Android have both released their own Material design apps that use XCode to make their own version of Material Design.

Apple’s iOS 9 app, for example, uses Material Design for its interface.

Apple’s Material Design has been used to great effect by the likes of Disney, Google, and other companies, but Microsoft’s app could be a big boost for its own platform.

Microsoft wants its own version to be built into the Windows 10 operating system and it seems likely that the app will be.