How to get the latest from Google on the web

The tech giant’s latest move is a direct response to the ongoing copyright crackdown on YouTube and other video-sharing platforms.

On Thursday, Google said that it would make it easier for content creators to monetize their videos on YouTube.

The move follows the recent takedown of “Mozilla and its partners” by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

While it’s unclear what exactly YouTube will be doing in response to that decision, Google’s move comes at a time when the internet is experiencing an unprecedented wave of criticism for the way that the media has treated people who share content on its platforms.

Google and other internet giants have long been accused of abusing their position in the video sharing market by treating content creators unfairly.

That’s something that Google has argued is not fair.

“We are making it easier to monetise videos on Google’s platform to make sure that creators get the best possible deal,” a Google spokesperson told Ars.

“In order to be more effective in this effort, we’re rolling out tools and features that will allow creators to create videos and monetize them on Google Play, YouTube, and other platforms that support content creators, as well as video sharing sites.”

Google says it plans to roll out the new monetization tools in a later release, but that the company is focusing on this new effort to “help video creators monetize content on their YouTube channels.”