Google’s Material redesign is ‘the best Android redesign we’ve ever seen’

Google has rolled out its Material redesign for Android 8.0 Oreo on the Play Store.

It’s a major change from the company’s previous redesign for the platform, which was unveiled last September.

The Material redesign has a number of new features including:The Material icon has been replaced with an “I” icon to represent a Material app.

It is also the default icon for Google’s apps.

There are two new colors of the Material app icons, red and blue, and a new “Google” color that represents the search giant’s Material Design principles.

In a statement, Google said it had “been a big fan of Material for years.”

Google said that Material icons will be available in a new, custom launcher, with the new icons being part of the “material-launcher” feature.

Material is designed to help users understand how their device and app will be used, while offering a unified look for all Google devices.

Google said the new Material icon will also be available on Google Now, the Google search bar, Google Photos, and in the “search” icon on other apps.