What’s in your packing material? We found it in this video

A video has surfaced on YouTube that has sparked debate over packing material used to wrap a television set.

According to the video, a television box is wrapped in a cardboard package with a polyester packing material and a plastic base.

A TV set is then wrapped in the packaging, with a plastic cover.

When it comes to the packaging itself, the video has a disclaimer saying:”This video shows a very simple way to wrap the plastic screen of a TV.

We did this for a while but decided to put it on YouTube because we think it’s important for the general public to understand what’s going on.

Please note that this method has some potential hazards that may not be safe for everyone.

So if you are worried about your TV, don’t use it, it is not safe for you.

We have included the following warnings:If you are unsure of what material you are wrapping your television with, it’s best to check with your local TV station to make sure they carry it.

And the best way to learn more about the TV wrapping industry is to read about it here