‘No, I wasn’t a Trump supporter’: ‘It was just me’

The first of two stories we are posting in collaboration with Vice News, a partnership between the news organization and Vice Media.

The second story is a transcript of the interview, with additional commentary from Michael Calderone, a professor at Harvard Business School and author of The End of the American Dream: Why the American Left Needs a Third Way.

The first story is based on an interview that we conducted with Trump’s eldest son, Eric Trump, on Aug. 9, 2017.

The interview was part of a larger investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia and his business dealings.

The son said he was unaware that his father had been charged in connection with the matter, and that the allegations were based on “some false information.”

When asked about those claims, Trump Jr. said that he was not aware of any collusion and that he and the campaign had never discussed any campaign-related material.

In the interview with Calderone on Sept. 9 at the American Enterprise Institute, Trump’s son said that the campaign was “just in the middle of a massive campaign of disinformation,” and that there was “nothing to it.”

He also denied that the Russian government sought to interfere in the 2016 election.

“I never heard any information of any sort that the Russians were trying to hack the DNC or anything like that.

I never heard anything of that kind,” Eric Trump said.

“All I’ve heard is a lot of stuff.

And I’ve never heard that the Kremlin was involved in hacking the DNC, and if you look at the evidence, it doesn’t seem to be in a way that would have had any impact whatsoever.”

Eric Trump added that he did not “have any knowledge whatsoever” of the meeting that he attended with his father that day, though he added that the meeting was “full of great information, including, you know, a lot about the Clintons.”

Eric Donald Trump Jr., a senior adviser to his father, is the eldest son of President Donald Trump.

He also said in his interview that he had not received any information from the Russian Government about Hillary Clinton, though the president has acknowledged that Russia “tried to help Donald Trump win the presidency.”

He did not offer any evidence to support his assertion.

Calderone also asked Eric Trump whether he had been told by his father or his campaign staff that the information in the email chain was “possible.”

Eric said that “all I had heard was a lot [of] ‘oh, there’s a lot in there.'”

He added that there were “a lot of other things that I was never told.”

Eric then said that it would be “very inappropriate” for him to discuss the subject in an interview, noting that he has “never spoken to the president.”

“If you look, I’ve had conversations with him about various things,” he said.

In addition to the emails, Eric Donald Donald Trump has provided the following testimony before Congress and the House Judiciary Committee: “There is no evidence of any wrongdoing by any foreign government in the matter.”

Eric told Congress that the only emails he has seen of Clinton were from a private email server, and he has not seen the rest of the correspondence.

“There was no classified information on any of those emails,” he told Congress.

“None of those were sent or received by anyone in the United States government, or by any of my predecessors, including Hillary Clinton.

None of those documents were released to the public.”

Eric added that “it is not appropriate to discuss any of the emails at this time, in any public forum.”

He further explained that “I am not aware that the Trump campaign or the Trump Organization communicated any information about any classified information, which is why I am unable to speak to the contents of any of these communications.”

Eric also told Congress “that I did not have any communications with the Russians, and did not receive any information or material from any foreign source.”

Calderone asked Eric Donald if he had spoken to President Trump or anyone from his campaign, but Eric said “no.”

“No,” he responded.

“No, no.”

In addition, Eric stated that “none of these materials were provided to me by the Russians.”

He then said he could not “vouch for” whether any of his father’s communications were hacked by the Russian military.

“Yes, I have been told there is a document,” he added.

“It is a Russian document.

There are no documents about what the content is.

It’s just a document.

It is a translation of a Russian language document that has been in Russian for a very long time.

And it says, ‘Trump Tower.'”

Calderone noted that Eric said he would be willing to provide more information if asked.

“The fact is that this is a private citizen,” he continued.

“We do not have to have a lawyer on the other side of the table.

We don’t have to be asking for anything.

We can just go into the record.

There is nothing in this that we don