‘Unbelievable’: Swimming pool materials used to cover wall

The water in the pool that washes away in a flood is often filled with chemicals that are meant to keep the pool clean, but the water is also sometimes coated in toxic materials like rubber and aluminum, making the pool unusable.ABC News has learned that the chemicals used to make the materials in the swimming pool can be dangerous.

One of the materials that is commonly used to seal the pool is a substance called polyethylene glycol, which is a toxic compound that is used in many plastics.

ABC News has reviewed several photos of the pool from a recent inspection by the Department of Safety and Environment, which confirmed the pool has plastic on it.

A spokesman for the department, Jim Hall, said the pool was not inspected for chemical contamination and said the materials were not present on the pool walls.

He said they have received no complaints and that they are currently in the process of inspecting the pool.

“We do not have any information to suggest that any of the water has come into contact with any of those materials,” Hall said.

The spokesperson said they were not aware of any cases of pool swimmers being exposed to toxic materials, but that the department was “looking into this issue and working closely with the water utility to get the answers to that.”ABC News was unable to reach the water company for comment.

Hall said the department had not received any complaints of toxic water, but he said that the water was not being tested to determine whether it was contaminated with chemicals.

The department said they are working with the utility and other state agencies to ensure the pool stays clean.ABC affiliate KSLA reported that the pool had a plastic lining on the sides and bottom.KSLA spoke with a former employee who said that when she worked at the pool, the pool pool was cleaned with chemicals to make it clean.

The employee said that there was a plastic bag on the ground where the pool used to be that had been covered in plastic.ABC said that they have also interviewed two residents of the house where the family lives and learned that several people had recently left their home and were staying in an RV.