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McCreary County, Kentucky Courthouse
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Hello everyone and welcome to  

My name is Vicky and my husband and I live on 3 acres of land here in Kentucky that we actually just purchased the beginning of this year! Our children are grown and left the nest, it is just my husband and me now. Here in Whitley City, there are not many jobs and never have been and I thought I would try my hand at this here writing and blogging in hoping to generate some type of income.  I or my husband don’t need much, our life is pretty simple and we’re satisfied and happy in knowing we have what we need as far as the basics to get through life! Our land here is beautiful and when I look out my windows in the morning I really can see the beauty in God’s Grace! All of this really is a beauty to look out and see in the mornings and be thankful for!


This is our mobile home, just some of our land and another building on our property we are more than likely going to be renting this out because we need the income at this time.  However, I hope or we hope to use it for a business at some time or another. It’s a work in progress! We love it here, it’s so calm, peaceful, and serene.  My husband and I have been married 5 years, as we have known each other since I was 13 and we happened to cross paths years later! Some 25 to 30 years later. As I had never been married and married him at the age of 47. 

I enjoy reading all of the best of the best novels,  magazines, self-help books and practically anything else I can get my hands on to read. I enjoy reading, being creative, DIY, learning all things new to me as well as all I can!

My dream one day is to write a book and at the age of 51, I may want to get started on it huh? I may or may not write a book about myself and my life or hope to create a novel of my own. My husband encourages me regularly to write a book and says “you are a great writer”! Me being me think of course he’s going to love my writing he is my husband. Hopefully, we’ll see and I will take the plunge and write a book. I’ve always love to read, you can go to new places you’ve never been before in books and even at times wish you were there. It’s captivating to me to be engulfed in a book as such.






As my husband and I are going through a trying time right now at this time. I am hoping to generate income through this website and I am doing my best here to learn and grown and open an E-commerce store here on my website. There is a huge amount of information to know and learn as I am doing my best to educate myself daily. I read all of the time and wonder how others generate income blogging. If you have any tips or information you feel I should know or that could help me please do tell! If you would like a sponsored post written or you would like for me to try a product of yours and write a review or an article about what I thought of it when I used it I would enjoy doing this also. Any products you would like to send me feel free to do so! My name and address are posted and you’re welcome to drop a product this way anytime! Feel free and I’m glad your here!

I think my favorite thing in the world and favorite place to be is in my Happy Planner other than a book! I get so much more done getting up in the mornings, having my devotion and Bible study time and then planning out my day as to what it entails and it’s just pure fun being creative and putting our own touches on our planners, isn’t it?

From here at Thank You for stopping by my blog and website and I hope you will come visit again and again!

Feel free t subscribe, like and email me anytime for I love writing on here and writing to others! God Bless and Until Next Time Prayers & Love from Vicky!



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